The End Of The World As We Know It Or Just Another prophecy. My Studies..

Friday, December 21, 2007

5 years from today (news)

So far in my studies, I found out more then I thought I would. Planet X is a big one, its prophesied by the Mayans of A planet in our solar system that is on a different rotation then every other planet, so instead of rotating straight around the sun it rotates close to the sun to the edge of our solar system in a egg like pattern. Know that its A fact that this planet exists, what will be the effect of this planet on the gravity of our inner solar system. Another big one is the fact that our sun will be in the direct path of the center of the milky ways black hole, and our biggest planets will be on that same side pulling on the sun. This could cause the polarity of the sun to change, and pull earths polarity to switch as well all so. If this does happen the devastation's will be major.
Know there's rumors going around that the government is going to limit the talk of this date on the Internet. There afraid of hysteria, and none of us really need to worry about something we cant control. And right know there's no actual facts that say this doomsday will actually happen.

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