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Saturday, September 5, 2009

Dec 21 2012 Not A Prophecy

For the last two years I have been running this site because I find the subject of prophesies fascinating but am skeptical to actual believing in them. But the more I look into this prediction the more it looks more like a astrology prediction and not some magical ancient prophesy. Ya I love throwing aliens and crazy stuff about this date on this site because if you look at the top of the page it states my studies and these are part of the study if I want to cover all the topics and opinions(plus there fascinating and fun) . But some how I believe that some of the ancient cultures had figuered out how to study astroligy better then we can today and seen the alignment of this date coming and wrote it down. Its not so different then the scientists of today that predict how long until the sun goes nova and they write it down. Plus I don't know the outcome of this date because nobody can really say for sure what will happen but I do believe that something will happen. It could be anything from a show of lights that are harmless to mass destruction ending human life. So this is my opinion from my studies from Nov. 4 2007 when I started this site till today Sep. 5 2009..


Dree on 2012 said...

Thank you! I too have come to somewhat similar conclusions from my lengthy study of the December 21, 2012 scenarios. No one knows exactly what will happen, yet it is best to be prepared for any of these predictions. Learning the facts is important to be able to make an educated conclusion of your own.

Anonymous said...

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