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Sunday, September 6, 2009

Galactic Alignment and the 2012 Polar Shift

The Mayans calender is based on what they call the dark plains but known to us today as a galactic alignment. This is what the dooms day scenario of dec. 21 2012 is based on and began. But it is true that we will pass through this plain around the time according to scientists today. This galactic alignment is a direct path of the milky-ways center black hole and its gravitational pull. Our galaxy passes through this plan from top to bottom or vs\vr. about every 26,000 thousand years in what is called cylical movement. For the last 26,000 years we have been above the galactic plan and are about to move to the lower section.So what effect will this have on earth? well the Mayans claim it will mark the end of this life cycle and the beginning of a new one. Scientists are not sure exactly what will happen but here are some theories of the possible effects.

1. Planetary Polar shift: North becomes south. Not sure the effect this will have on earth.

2.Comets\Asteroids hitting the earth: One of these larger ones hits the earth it is a doomsday. Because of the extra and chaotic gravity going through our solar system it will play with the kuipler belt and send comets and asteroids in abundances into the inner solar system which raises our chances of being hit.

3.Earthquakes/volcanoes eruptions/dramatic weather: same effects they allready have but on a higher level.The extra pull on the planet may cause mother nature to go wild.

4.Sun flares: Possible sun flares on the earth could cause anywhere from a radiation poisining to the earth set to flames. The sun will all so be effected by going through the galactic plain.

These are only the top 4 theories of what might happen but there are many more.

What will happen we will have to what and see but it is best to prepare just in case something does happen.


Bruce Fenton said...

The article on your site is woefully incorrect. The Galactic alignment is not about an alignment of the sun and the galactic plane, that does not happen for many millions of years from now.

The Maya galactic alignment is in respect to the Earth centred view of the winter solstice sun and the Galactic centre (nuclear bulge). This occurs in a window of 36 years from 1980 to 2016.

The idea of an alignment, or rather transition, of the galactic plane is completely disproved.

Kind regards

Anonymous said...

Sorry, but I can't take your article seriously when it is so poorly written and fraught with many, many misspellings of even simple words. Is it 'plane', 'plain' or 'plan'? Please make up your mind.

Also, as the prior comment pointed out, your understanding of alignments and basic grasp of astronomical terms and events is woefully lacking.

Paul Clos said...

Yes, granted he does use plan twice in a row, instead of "plain", but the point that he is trying to portray is really what matters.
2 misspellings is not uncommon especially with the same word.

He does spell it right later on in the post though...?

Anonymous said...

no you are incorrect the Galactic alignment is about the an alignment of,the sun and the galactic plane.The Maya galactic alignment is in respect to the Earths centred view of the winter solstice sun and the Galactic centre (nuclear bulge)in space witch will desteirb the atmispher around us fellow humans.

sherie said...

Great Movie; but I can't believe they didn't get the most important facts right. It's yellowstone's super volcano that that blows every 640,000 years. The astrological alignment happens every 26,000 years. Since the movie was basically about the alignment you'ld think they would have gotten that part right. Looks like Atlantis will reappear.

Anonymous said...

I really think that the world should be destroyed ,humans are so judgemental and critical like the few knuckle-heads that leaved messages prior to this one.They were commenting because of the gramatical errors of this article that it would be so hard to believe? Human beings really are morons!! Instead of focusing on the future coarse of events that we are not sure of they are focusing on spelling errors ,comon give me a break! I hope we all go down in flames to get rid of the sissy bitches that have some stupid little insignificant comment about spelling errors ,hello ??!!

Anonymous said...


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